Diamonds in the Rough


One of the fabric collections I am really loving in the shop right now are the group from Diamond Textiles. No matter what else is happening, I always end up visiting this collection and dreaming about what these beauties could become. Their richness of texture and uniqueness draw me in every time. 

The Primitives in this collection remind me of vintage hand woven textiles. The minor imperfections on the surface of the fabric really enhance its look and feel. These fabrics would combine together handsomely in the most stunning masculine quilt.

My favorite of all the Diamonds are the cotton embossed. The flower print in particular reminds me of the designs by Alabama Chanin, and I can imagine a skirt or jacket made out of this textured material, perhaps with a little embroidered outline around each flower for emphasis? Gorgeous.

Diamond Textiles is a fair trade company founded 15 years ago by Rohni Sandhu. She has made it her goal to not only find lovely, unique textiles, but to distribute them around the world in a way that benefits others, providing jobs for women in villages across Asia, India and Indonesia. Her companies’ intentions only add to the beauty of this fabric.


diamonds-4 diamonds-2